As we move toward becoming licensed as a full time facility, the Little Sprouts ELC Management Team will submit a monthly report to our Faith Cov Leadership Team and on this website .  

Read the full april update here


Administration (Shannon Unger)

  • Pursing WAC compliance
  • Evaluating staffing- we're retaining 3 Little Sprouts teachers, and more will be hired as needed
  • Revising the initial proposal- adjusting staffing and capacity numbers

Implementation Team Development (Kurt Notehelfer)

  • Met with a potential project manager, ultimately decided that the team has capacity to handle projects internally. 

Vision Development (Kurt Notehelfer)

  • Set up meetings with architects to configure short and long term plans.

Minstry Development (Dean Soule)

  • In development

Physical Logistics (Anthony Apeles and Shannon Unger)

Focused on key projects with longer lead times

  • Exterior door installation
  • Playground design and loaction
  • Security enhancements
  • Classroom configuration size and layout

Governance (Dan Platter) 

  • Formed the LLC and granted signing authority
  • Acquired business license
  • Appointed Scott Neel as treasurer and Dan Platter as secretary
  • Registered the trade name "Little Sprouts Early Learning Center"

Finance (Scott Neel)

  • Finalized loan documents, waiting on approval
  • Gettting a bank account set up
  • Bookkeeping logistics, Vanessa Crose will help
  • A grant writer is identifying potential grant resources

Communications/Marketing (Shannon/Cindy/Kurt)

  • Domain name is purchased and website is being designed
  • Set up a dedicated phone number & contact info
  • Signage on campus/ roadside needed
  • Vision, mission and purpose verbiage is being created
  • Creating a production calendar for marketing and communication