The way of jesus 50 day challenge

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The Compassionate Father and His Two Lost Sons

In Christ, God calls us to come home and to make ourselves at home in his love, accepting our status as his beloved. Perhaps in this place we can let go of our self-conscious efforts to rate our performance and our worth based on any other expectation than this: “Jesus loves me; this I know.”

1. Prayerfully read Luke 15:11-32 or click below to listen. 

  • Open your imagination to the Holy Spirit and enter into the story, allowing God to bring to mind anything that might be relevant for you today.

  • Where in the story might God be inviting you to engage today?

  • What words or aspects of the story connect with you?

  • Keep these questions in mind as you engage in the weekly prayer practice today.

2. Practice Breath Prayer.

  • Breathe in a name of God.
  • Breathe out a desire you have for your life or for your relationship with him.

3. Jot down any notes to keep a record of your journey.

  • It doesn’t have to be “journaling.” Just capture any key thoughts, ideas, or challenges that come to mind during your time spent with God. This will allow you to track any recurring ideas or themes that God may want to guide you through.

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