We are #FORsumner!

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Many people are more familiar with what the Church is AGAINST rather than what the Church is FOR.   

At Faith Cov, we want to be known for what we are FOR and we are FOR Sumner. We are FOR people, schools, businesses. We want this community to thrive because we are a part of this community.

Not only is Faith Cov FOR Sumner and FOR people ... God is. He doesn't want you to simply exist. He wants you to thrive, He wants you to live fully.

Jesus showed up to tell you that God is FOR you. "FOR God so loved the world that He gave his only Son so that whoever believes could have (present tense) eternal life."

God has surrounded you with people who are FOR you.  You know why - because He designed us for a relationship together. That's why the idea of the church was such a big deal to Him - that's why His design was for His followers to represent that God is FOR people. 

God has created us to be FOR other people. It's in you to love others. The image of a good and generous God is a part of your soul's DNA. 

Whenever you say yes to serving - to helping someone - to loving someone - something is sparked in you. It's just more evidence that God is FOR you - and God is FOR others. That desire in you to be connected - to be in a relationship - to belong exists in everyone around you. God put it there - and God wants you to experience something that is much bigger than you ever dreamed. He wants you to understand what happens to your life and what happens to your heart when you start living like you are FOR others.

If there is anyone who should lead the charge to be FOR other people, it's us. God is FOR us and WE are FOR Sumner, FOR Pierce County, FOR Washington, FOR people.  

It all starts in our community. #FORsumner