The way of jesus 50 day challenge

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The Goal of the Challenge is not to put in more effort in order to become a better person, or to please God more, or to earn brownie points at church. The goal is to challenge ourselves to allow the character of Jesus to be formed within us more fully.

The weekly prayer practices are pathways that can lead us, in Christ, to a deeper connection with God. Through that connection, we allow the Holy Spirit to bring the life of Christ to us, in ways that shape and transform us, because of HIS life and HIS character living inside of us. As John the Baptist said in John 3:30: “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  

The Way of Jesus Series is a study in the parables of Jesus, through which we will seek to return to the teachings of Jesus, and rediscover the way of Jesus, so that we might better pursue, together, the very life of Jesus within us. 

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When you join the challenge you are committing to…

  • Prayerfully read (and/or listen to) the weekly parable each day.
  • Do the weekly prayer practice each day (Sunday thru Friday).
  • Each Saturday the practice will be the “Prayer of Examen,” reflecting back on the week.
  • If possible, we recommend keeping a record of your journey, some “navigational notes” along the way. It doesn’t have to be “journaling.” Just capture any key thoughts, ideas, or challenges that come to mind during your time spent with God. This will allow you to track any recurring ideas or themes that God may want to guide you through. You can do this in a paper “journal” or in a “Notes” application on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Over the course of seven weeks, as we explore the stories that Jesus told, you will also be invited to join in a simple daily prayer practice that is designed to allow the life of Christ to more fully be formed within us.

Each of the seven weeks, on Sunday, we will introduce a new prayer practice for the week, related to the parable we are studying.

Each practice can be completed within about 10-15 minutes, or you can spend as much time as is meaningful to you.

When you sign up to be part of the challenge, you will receive a daily encouragement text from church.  (Texts will also include various links to 50-Day Challenge instructions, audio versions of each parable, music and sermon video clips)

You can always opt out of the text communications at any time!


  • In your “recorded journey log,” write out prayers to God, journal about any key ideas or lessons God is teaching you, doodle, draw, or write a poem!
  • Check out our church Facebook & Instagram Posts for inspiration
  • Join and visit The Way of Jesus 50-day Challenge Facebook Group (click here to join)
  • Read a chapter a week in the book: Christ-Shaped Character, by Helen Cepero.  Click to order on

If we commit ourselves to a daily time of seeking his presence and power in our lives, The Way of Jesus 50-Day Challenge is an opportunity, together with others, to see what God will do in us. In many ways, it’s a commitment to doing less in order to allow God to do more! 50 days is the amount of time between the Resurrection and Pentecost, when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. Our hope and prayer is that in our time of waiting on Jesus, he will bless us with the presence and power of his Spirit within us, as well.

Are you up for the challenge!?

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