faith cov meetups

As the opportunity for small gatherings become safer, we are starting to dream ... and we want you to dream with us!

We had some great, safe Faith Cov Meetups in the fall and are we

re starting back up in the spring after Easter. Think of an activity you enjoy doing. Wouldn't it be fun to have a couple of friends host a hike, an outdoor gathering of some sort, a cooking time, or a painting class and then meet some new faces?

It is important that we do what we can to stay connected, to share our stories, and to bless one another on our journey together. To that end, we have cooked up a few fun ideas we’d like to invite you to consider as a way to stay connected to your Faith Cov family this fall.

Sign up today for one or more options taking place sometime between April 5 and May 31. At this point all of these options are for in person connections in limited size groups (following safety guidelines).  We may add some options for online connection opportunities in the future.

Do you have a great idea for a one time meetup?  Types of meetups could include, dinner, hiking, golf, painting, shopping, and learning experiences. Each meetup is intended to be a one time only event. Choose something you like to do and a time that works for you and we will handle the rest. 

Follow the registration link here to fill out a form to create your own meetup.

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Disc golf with pastor jeff

From Pastor Jeff:  I’ll teach you some of the basics of Disc Golf as we play a round (18 holes). No experience is necessary. We will play rain or shine so come prepared. If you don’t have any disc golf discs I’ll provide some for you. 

We will be meeting at White River Disc Golf Course in Auburn on April 11th at 2:30pm and should be done before 4:30pm. This Meet-Up is limited to 4 people