faith cov meetups

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Stay connected with your Faith Cov Family! 

It is important that we do what we can to stay connected, to share our stories, and to bless one another on our journey together. To that end, we have cooked up a few fun ideas we’d like to invite you to consider as a way to stay connected to your Faith Cov family this season.

Join us for a Summer of Wonder! 

Do you have a great idea for a one time meetup?  Types of meetups could include, dinner, hiking, golf, painting, shopping, and learning experiences. Each meetup is intended to be a one time only event. Choose something you like to do and a time that works for you and we will handle the rest. 

Follow the registration link here to fill out a form to create your own meetup and we'll get the word out to our Faith Cov family for you! 

summer of wonder activities

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Family Events


June 22: Lakeland Hills Park & Picnic, 5-7:30 PM

June 29: Strawberry Picking @ Picha Farms, time TBD, contact Kat Beattie for info


July 6: Les Grove Park & Picnic, 5-7:30 PM

July 10-13: Backyard Bash VBS at Loyalty Park, 10 AM to Noon

July 27: Pioneer Park & Picnic, 5-7:30 PM

July 28-30: Family Camp-out at Cascades Camp in Yelm.  Sign up to attend


August 3: Hawks Landing Park & Picnic, 5-7:30 PM

August 10: Edgemont Park & Picnic, 5-7:30 PM

August 17: Flaming Geyser State Park, 5-7:30 PM

August 24: Bradley Lake Park & Picnic 5-7:30 PM

August 26: Big Bash @ Faith Covenant Church 11AM to 2 PM

August 31: Loyalty Park & Picnic, 5-7:30 PM