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Live stream and no-contact, pre-registration live service with 75 people or less present. No separate childcare or children’s programming is available.

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Church offices are open 10 AM - 2 PM Tuesday-Thursday.

Staff will be present by appointment only.


Groups of 15 or less allowed to meet onsite with prior arrangements.

All safety guidelines (masks and social distancing) must be followed.


We have a couple of exciting new ways to engage with each other and our sermon series. First, we would like to create Home Groups. The purpose of Home Groups is to create the community we miss from being able to fully be together on Sundays. In a home group, gather with those whom you feel comfortable with, share in the Sunday service together and have a brief discussion afterwards about the message. Each week prior to the sermon we will send out discussion questions centered around the sermon which will help guide conversation. These questions can also be used for any small group or discipleship group who would like to participate.

View our protocol for on-campus participation here

You can learn more about what an on-site church service will look like by viewing the video below. 

“So then we pursue the things which make for peace

and the building up of one another.”

(Romans 14:19)

At Faith Cov we are committed to maintaining the unity of our church as a sign of the Spirit of Christ among us (Ephesians 4:1-3). In spite of the challenges we face, we believe we have an opportunity to demonstrate the love and grace of Christ in how we navigate these troubled waters together. Rather than reacting to the world around us, we believe that we can take a position of leadership in our community by demonstrating a biblical and Christlike approach at each step on our journey.

We love you all deeply. We know that everyone in our church is longing to be together again as soon as possible. However, we also feel the huge weight of responsibility to care for God’s people as wise stewards of the gifts God has given us. Each person in our faith community is a treasured gift from God and so we take the health and care of each person seriously. Therefore, we do not make these decisions lightly or in a vacuum and we invite your ongoing input and participation along the way.